How to Choose the Right Make-up

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You do not like the look you have when facing the mirror. It looks horrid. You do not want to get out of the house unless you have it concealed with proper application of make-up. But you face another problem – you do not know how to apply make-up, much less choosing the perfect one for you. Just like how you choose the perfect clothing that is suited to the shape and length of your body, make-up comes in varying ranges of colors and shades that are designed to suit specific color complexion, shape of the lips and the color of the eyes.

The color of your eyes, skin and even the shape of your lips are three factors that will determine what the right color is and shade that will suit you perfectly. Good thing that you have the internet for you to give you a basic guide in choosing the right palette. For eyes, you decide on the eye shadow. Those with blue eyes always go to pinks, peaches, gold’s, browns and oranges. These are colors that perfectly complement the blue colored eyes. Blue eyes should avoid wearing blue eye shadow, including the shade of green. To add intensity to the eyes, always apply mascara. For green eyes, go mauve and it s variants. A dark green liner applied to the eyes will add more intensity. Hazel brown eyes can go with any shade, which is why they are so lucky. Dark brown eyes should go for deep shades as this will highlight the dark eyes.

Skin tone also plays a role in choosing the perfect make-up for your face. The cool skin tone should go for warm colors like apricots and salmon pinks as these are the perfect shades that complements pale skin. To lighten up the complexion, add golden beige or just beige. For neutral skin tone, peaches and pinks are the best choices. Neutral foundations are the best for such skin complexion, too. Dark skin tone should go for sun kissed, gold’s and metallic bronze, as this will lighten up the skin. It can also complement with a wide range of colors, so experiment until you come up with what suit you. The shape of the lips matter, too. Full lips should go with pinks, coppers and maroons. Avoid light shades as this will make the lips look bigger. Thin lips should avoid dark colors as this will make it look thinner. Go with lighter colors to add a volumising effect. Makeup is very important in weddings. Go for the best wedding makeup artist Sydney to get the best results if you stay in Sydney.

Some people have difficulty trying to combine different shades to their face as they have no confidence if it will bring out the right results. If you have difficulty trying to figure out the right shades up to this point, watch online videos that teaches you how to choose and apply the make-up to your face. These are for free and you can find a lot of them online done by those who have taught themselves, too. Go to the ones with the highest views, as these are highly valued and proven to work for themselves, too. Be confident that you will get the right shade and color for your make-up.