Polished concrete – the pros and the cons

When you have a business or if you own a home, it is very important to keep your home clean and presentable. Part of it is also choosing the right thing for your home. The floor is considered to be the part of the home that is over used. It is stepped by different people and different footwear. So it is very important to keep it beautiful and presentable. One of the most common forms of flooring is the use of concrete.

Concrete flooring has been used for ages because it has a lot of advantages. For one, the usage of polish concrete is very durable and it is known to last for a long time. It is known to withstand any form of pressure and weather. Moreover, it cannot be damaged easily and if ever there are scratches or a little chip, it can be redone. Moreover, the maintenance is also pretty well. It can be cleaned easily and it should be waxed often. Most of all, if you are thinking of how economical it is, it is believed to last for a long time as long as it is maintained well. Lastly, it can be designed in any way that you can. However, concrete floors have several drawbacks too. For one, although it is durable, it is also very hard. It could pose a threat on the safety of the people especially children that whenever they slip they may hurt themselves. This type of flooring is not ideal if there are children or even the elderly as they may be threatening for them. In addition to this, it is very hard, so standing for hours could be very uncomfortable especially at the back. It is best to choose good shoes if you always stand on concrete walls. Lastly, it is cold for it does not retain heat easily.

polished concrete

It is still the decision of the home or building owner to choose this type of flooring even when laid with the advantages and disadvantages. Now if ever, you have finally chosen to have concrete floors, it is best to maintain it well. It can be maintained by dusting it every day especially with a micro pad so that it does not affect the shine on your floors. Moreover, if you used to clean your floor with water and with mop, just make sure the water is clean and also it should be polished right away after mopping. If it is possible to use cleaning solutions to thoroughly clean the place that would be great. Choose the right cleaning solution that will not damage your flooring. Lastly, choose a wax that would be very good for your floor. Do not forget to wax your floor time by time so that it will maintain to being shiny

In summary, using concrete floors has a lot of advantages and disadvantages but the pros outweighed the cons. Choosing concrete floors may be very smart since it is cheap, durable, and you are sure that it will last for a long time as long as it is maintained well.

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